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Sunday, October 9, 2011

NOTD: Bright Pink

Showing the front of the nail polish.

and here's the back. 

To achieve this rich bright color, you'll need 3 coats. So don't rush it, it takes patience unless you have a good quick-dry oil. 

It will last for 2 days without chipping which is expected for a P22.00 nail polish. 


  1. Like!!! Pero baka hindi bagay my hands are tan hehe. :) More nails! i meant NOTD :) hehe.

  2. Try L'abelle nail polishes with their top coat. They last for a week! They only have a few peso difference. But if you want a nail polish that really lasts and isn't THAT expensive, check out LA colors nail lacquer for 60 :)

  3. I would definitely try those Janah kung mahanap ko kung asan sila dito sa Manila.. :p


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