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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bleaching Time!!

My boyfriend had his hair cut yesterday. Because of that, all of what's left of his bleached hair are gone. He asked me to bleach his hair so he would be blonde again. 

The thing about bleaching his hair, it's always a tedious task. Since his head is big, his hair is thick, and he wants his hair platinum blonde, it takes a lot of sessions before we reach his desired outcome. Right now, we've finished the first session and this is the result: 

Newly bleached hair.

Noticeably, it would take more sessions before his rusty hair turns snow white like this:

His hair when it was still long and white during my friend's grad party.

Truly, bleaching his hair is tiresome, good thing he treated me for dinner at Starbucks after the session. 

Starbucks, you spelled our names wrong.

Apple Fritters

Beef Brisket Sandwich

The guy who paid for all of these. <3


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