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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lilibeth's Hair Transformation

Today, I've made someone's life a little more spicy. How, you ask? By coloring her hair red. 

She is my close friend, Lilibeth Naje. I've featured her in my blog a couple of times already, but this is the boldest thing we've done so far.

To celebrate her upcoming graduation, we decided to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams. 

Here's how it started.

She has a really dark brown hair, almost black. The first time I colored her hair, it didn't turn out good. So I told her that we need to bleach  her hair first. And since she wanted red hair, this step is a must.

bleaching her hair
Lilibeth's bleached hair
After letting her scalp rest for about 2 hours, I proceeded to coloring her hair ( I wasn't able to take pictures of the procedure).

Red hair for Lilibeth
She is really happy with the outcome. :)

Products used:

I used 4 of the Hortaleza Professional Hair Bleach Powder because of her really long hair.

This is the Oxidizing Lotion that I used with the bleaching powder. 

I used 2 of the Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream in 6.6 Copper with the same oxidizing lotion.

I'm glad that she likes her new hair. Maybe next time we'll go a bit more lighter. :)

God bless us all!


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